Gold Coins


1 Gm 24 KT 995 Puri...



  MRP: Rs.3,988.45  

WHP: Rs.3,458.93


10 Gm Gold Coin24 K...



  MRP: Rs.38,601.28  

WHP: Rs.33,133.03


2 Gm 24 KT 995 Puri...



  MRP: Rs.7,858.92  

WHP: Rs.6,755.94


5 Gm 24 KT 995 Puri...



  MRP: Rs.18,709.05  

WHP: Rs.16,681.90


20 Gm 24 KT 995 Pur...



  MRP: Rs.71,253.56  

WHP: Rs.62,000.00


50 Gm 24 KT 995 Pur...



  MRP: Rs.178,190.00  

WHP: Rs.174,286.80


NIBR 1gm 24 Karat G...



  MRP: Rs.3,710.00  

WHP: Rs.3,502.65


NIBR 5gm 24 Karat G...



  MRP: Rs.16,802.65  

WHP: Rs.16,699.62


NIBR 10gm 24 Karat ...



  MRP: Rs.38,578.00  

WHP: Rs.33,197.57


NIBR 20gm 24 Karat ...



  MRP: Rs.64,587.00  

WHP: Rs.62,200.00


NIBR 50gm 24 Karat ...



  MRP: Rs.17,000.00  

WHP: Rs.16,699.62


NIBR 2.5gm 24 Karat...



  MRP: Rs.9,920.00  

WHP: Rs.8,200.00


NIBR 4gm 24 Karat G...



  MRP: Rs.15,800.00  

WHP: Rs.13,381.85


NIBR 50gm 24 Karat ...



  MRP: Rs.186,706.00  

WHP: Rs.176,800.00


Gold Coins: Online Shopping in India

Gold Coins has always fascinated mankind, from time immemorial humans love gold coins and other gold articles. This is probably so because gold has been a symbol of wealth, richness, stability and security since ages. No wonder then that gold and gold coins are a very popular buy for many people. Buy gold coins can be a very lucrative investment, some people even collect gold coins as an hobby, which overtimes becomes a very profitable preposition. Gold coins bought when the exchange rate of gold is low can provide substantial increase in holding value when the exchange rate of gold coins goes up thus leading to additional income. Thus gold coin shopping in India is fast gaining popularity.

Buy Gold Coins Online at Wholesale Hungama

With the advent of internet, e-commerce and online shopping consumers can now shop for gold coins from the comfort of their homes. A potential customer can browse the entire collection of gold coins available and choose the one according to his or her own liking, needs and budget. One such preferred marketplace for gold coins is; an individual can buy gold coins online at One can browse and choose gold coins as has one of the most extensive listing of gold coins. has listings from various gold coin providers has one can be sure that he or she will be receiving the best quality at the cheapest price and a potential buyer can also compare various offers and deals.

Different types of Gold Coins

Gold coins are available with various variations and in different designs too, the two most primary variations being different carats and different weight. The most popular carats in which gold coins are available in the market are 22 carats and 24 carats, the higher the carat the purer the gold is hence rates of 24 carat gold coins are more than that of 22 carats. 18 carats and 20 carats gold coins are also available but they are not as popular as the 22 carats and 24 carats gold coins. Gold coins are also available in various weight options the most popular ones being 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams and 50 grams gold coins.

Gold Coins Prices

The prices of gold coins are dependent on many a factors. The primary factors being the carat and weight of the gold coins, the higher the carats and weight of the gold coins the dearer the coins are. Other factors such as design, size, thickness and many other such factors also play their part in deciding the price of the gold coins on sale. The prices of gold coins are generally the prevailing price of gold plus the making charges. Many a times gold coins are minted with auspicious and religious iconography such as Om and image of Goddess Laxmi or that of Lord Ganesha which also decides the pricing of the gold coins.

Gold Coins for Festivals

Gold coins are rare and are considered as collectible items thus they hold a unique charm and thus there is something mystic about them. Gold coins are most sought after during various festivals, wedding seasons and other auspicious occasions. They make great gifts too hence are in demand during various occasions and festivals especially Diwali and on a wedding. Now with one can do gold coin shopping in India online and purchase gold coins which are not only awesome investment option providing great returns but also great financial security tool which provide stress-free financial backup for an individual.