Bond Of Trust

As a business place, Wholesalehungama runs a very supportive Buyer security program so that buyer is totally protected dealing with At Wholesalehungama, trust is the biggest thing for each dealing. To extend this trust to buyers, we offer Buyer security, which is based on the following four pillars of trust.

1. Payment Security
Your payment is not released to merchant unless you have received your item

2. Product Guarantee
All products sold at Wholesalehungama are new, 100% genuine and comes with manufacturer warranty wherever applicable

3. Easy Replacement
For wrong size, color, quantity, style, manufacturing, defects, damaged or significantly different from product listing

4. Reliable Merchants
All the merchants go through a rigorous verification process before having their online store at

All the merchants selling at are very well observed and then they are allowed to business on our site. We see to it that all the products you buy from our website are genuine, authentic, products being sold by well reputed and tested merchants at the best prices possible. Of course, we also offer all the warranties, guarantees as entailed by the product, all this at a great price and with the best customer service in the industry.